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Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi

Kristi lokak Natalanchi Porob kuttumbachi porob zalear Hindu bhav-bhoinnank Ganesh Chaturti kuttumbachi porob zavn asa. Tea disa Hindu bhav-bhoinnim aplea kuttumba bhair asat teo aplea ghorchea ghara ietat ani ut-sovak ekttaim zatat.

Hea utsova nimtan soglim bhav-bhoinnim teo magir Hin-du, Kristanv vo Musol-man zanv, eka-mekager vochun porbim ditanv. Thoddim vorsam zalint Goeant tinuim dhormanchea bhav-bhoinnamni ek ekvott ghoddun haddla ani Sorv-Dhorm Manch vo Solidarity Forum mhonn nanv dilam. Tinuim dhormancheam porbam-utsovam somoiar heo tinuim dhormancheo bhav-bhoinnim kosloch vegllozar nastanam Goeant kaim zageancher mellave zatat ani kariavolli kortat.

Pilarche Misanvanchea Seminarint ontor dhormancheo (inter-religious) kariavolli choltat. Hindu, Kristanv ani Muslim sangatan ievn ekchara ani ekvotta voir somjikaen bhasabhas kortat.

Desantlo dhormbhed pois korpacho tancho hetu.

Gonnesache Murti voir zaiteo khobro asat ani tantli ek mhonnlear hi: Xenkor-Parvaticho ek ghorabo aslo ani Parvati nhanvunk geli tednam Gonnesak darar dovorlo, konnuim bhitor soronam zavnk. Xenkor bhitor sorunk laglo tednam Gonnesan taka haddailo, karonn taka khobor nasli khoim to aplo bapui mhonn. Apleak bhitor vochunk dinam mhonn Xenkorak rag ailolean Gonnesachi tokli kapun uddoili ani Xenkor ghorant bhitor sorlo.

Xenkor Gonnesak marun bhitor sorlo mhonn Parvatibai bob marun roddunk lagli ani sogleak boball zalo. Sogleam devancher akant ailo. Ani kitem kortolet tem chintunk poddlet. Axvinikuram devachea voiza lagim gele ani kiteim korunk zata tem tache kodde vicharlem khoim. Vell ibaddinastana konnui poilo mellta tachi tokli kapun haddun Gonnesak lavpak Axvinikuraman sanglem. Soddunk gelole kodden tankam poilo hoti mell’lo ani tachi tokli kapun Gonnesak laili ani hea porim Gonnesak novo zolm zalo mhonntat.

Hea xekddeache survatek Bharotachea kaim rajeamni Gonnesacho Utsov korunk suru kelo mhonn sangtat. Murtechi puja kortoch thoddo lok dedd dis panch, sat ani ikra dis ghorant dovortat ani dobajean vhorun pavoitat vo buddoitat. Team disamni bhett korunk ietoleank mittai ani khann ditat.

Zito Almeida.
(Courtesy: V-Ixtt)

'Fr Freddy J Da Costa memorial felicitation 2008'

`Jivit' Honours Conferred

Oct 16: It was an afternoon of joy, as Konkani lovers from all walks of life and the entire Konkan region, converged at the Municipal Hall in Margao, to celebrate the second anniversary of JIVIT, the Niz Gõykaranchem rongit mhoinnalem, published by Queeny Productions and Publications.

At the function, six Konkani books, published by Queeny Productions and Publications, in the Roman script, Mon Sanvrona (Short Stories) by Willy Goes, Rupddem (Short Stories) by Peter Peixoto, Bhokti Sobhann ( spiritual poetry) by Fr Pratap Naik sj, Ho Sonvsar ek Machi ( One-act plays) by Fr Nevel L S Gracias, Devache Bagint (poetry ) by Bitosa Fernandes and Tuji Vatt (poetry) by Agusta Fernandes, were released by the cief minister.

Seven personalities were felicitated, for their outstanding contribution to the language: senior Tiatrist John Gomes (Kokoy) was felicitated with the ‘Lucasinho Ribeiro memorial felicitation 2008' and Joao Inacio D’Souza with the Reginaldo Fernandes memorial felicitation 2008', for his contribution to Konkani novels. Mumbai-based Isidore Dantas was felicitated with the 'Al-Jerry Braganza memorial felicitation 2008' for his research in the field of Konkani cinema. Zito Almeida (posthumously) was conferred with the 'Fr Freddy J Da Costa memorial felicitation 2008', for his contribution to journalism, Fr Pratap Naik sj, with the Bruno Eduardo memorial felicitation 2008, for his contribution to literature, Eric Ozario with the Mons S R Dalgado memorial ‘Niz Konknni Mogi’ felicitation 2008', for promotion of the language and Marcos Gonsalves, with the 'Fr Antonio Pereira memorial felicitation 2008'.

Seven JIVIT awards were also presented to its contributors. Selza Lopes, Cyrilo Fernandes and Lino Dourado, were awarded the JIVIT Puroskar 2008. Albino Fernandes was awarded the late A R Souzaferrao memorial award 2008, Neville Alphonso was awarded the late Luzia and Mousinho D’Silva memorial award 2008, Konkani Lecturer Jasmine Rodrigues was awarded the late Eslinda and Braz Alemao memorial Konknni Seva Puroskar 2008, while Peter Peixoto was awarded the late Santana and Tomas Alcasoas memorial award 2008, for his excellance in Konkani writing.

The aam admi chief Minister Digambar Kamat was the chief guest. Deputy speaker Mauvin Godinho, the champion of Roman Script in the Legislative Assembly, was the guest of honour. PWD Minister Churchill Alemao, who was the other guest of honour, could not attend the function but was represented by his daughter, Valanka Alemao. Eric Ozario, who etched out a place for Konkani language in the Guiness Book of World Records, was the special invitee.

Vavraddeancho Ixtt Puroskar 2008

Vavraddeancho Ixtt Sotkar:

Sorgest Zito Almeida: V.Ixtt-acho vavr ani prochar korunk sorgest Zito thokos ghevn vavurlo.
V.Ixtt pormollunk ani folleunk tacho sodanch usko aslo.

Aiz zorui amcho boro ixtt amche modem na, torui astana Konknni ani kherit V.Ixtt-a thaim tachea seve vavrachi thoknnai korta.


Pri. Lactancio Almeida Puroskar
Pri. Nevel Gracias-ak:

Dor satolleak Konknni Oparinchea Bhanddarantlem kitem bhair sorta tem pollevnk ani vachunk Konknni porza vatt pollevn ravta. Aplea padriponnachea muniariponnachea vavrant gul'l zal'lo astana-i, Konknnicho vavr fuddem vhorunk Pri. Nevel aplem borovp chaluch dovorta ani oparinchi somzonni vachpeank divn, Konknnichi goddsann dusreank dita.



By Valmiki Faleiro

No one who has read Konknni in the Roman script would not be familiar with
the name of Zito Almeida. In a passion for writing, spanning some five
decades, Zito produced a huge mass of published work, most of it in his
beloved mother tongue. But, sometimes – for a wider reach, as he would say –
also in English. This was so particularly on the life of saints and village

Not without surprise: Zito hailed from a deeply religious family, as he
himself also was.

His elder brother, late Fr. Lactancio Almeida, of the Society of Pilar, was
a long-time Editor of the 'Vauraddeancho Ixtt. 'Zito was born March 2, 1938
at Banda, Assolna. So entwined was his life with his faiththat when he
decided to start a business for a living, he set it up at Margao's
"HolyFamily House" dealing mainly with, what else, all forms of religious
items – from Biblesand scapulars to rosaries, from Holy pictures and statues
to ciboria. Side-by-side on the shelves of his showroom lay, of course, his
second love: books in Konknni.

After completing primary studies in Portuguese and further studies in
English, Zito began writing at a young age. He initially contributed to
'Aitarachem Vachop,' a weekly published by the Salesian Society from Panjim.
He continued his Konknni writing in 'Vauraddeancho Ixtt,' Pilar Society's
popular weekly.

Among the daily newspapers he wrote for were 'Sot', 'Novem-Goem', 'Divtti',
'GoenchoAvaz', and 'A Vida.' So also for weeklies like 'Udentichem Nokhetr',
'The Goa Times','The Goa Mail', 'Avé Maria', 'Cine-Times', 'Loksad', 'Konkan
Mail', and monthlies like'Dor Mhoineachi Roti', 'Gulab', 'The Goan Review'
(a bi-monthly), and 'Renovação,'the fortnightly of the Archdiocese of Goa
and Daman. Most in today's younger generations would have only heard of
these publications: almost all now extinct.

In addition to that voluminous work, Zito authored some books. Among
them:'Bhurgeank Kannio-I', 'Bhurgeank Kannio-II', 'Vaitt Ieta Boreak'
(1967), 'Fatima' (on theapparitions, 1973), 'Goy, Mhojea Sopnantlem Painnem'
(on Goa and Goans, 2006), all in Romi Konknni.

As General Secretary of the Konkani Bhasha Mandal, he edited 'Konknni, Romi
LipintKhas Natalam Ank-1979.' He also edited Special Issues of 'Natalanchim
Nokhetram' (in Konknni, English and Portuguese, at Christmas-1968) and
'Goychi Ranni,' (Carnival-1980.)
For a lifetime of work in Konknni, Zito was a much-decorated man. Among the
many honours, awards and 'puroskars' he received: In 'Konknni Pustokancho
Spordho'organised by the then 'Konknni Katolk Boroinnarancho Ekvott,' he was
awarded thefirst prize for his book 'Bhurgeank Kannio-I' (1970). He bagged
the "Fr. LactancioAlmeida Iadostik Puroskar" as the best writer of
'Vavraddeancho Ixtt' (1986.) The'Gulab Award' came his way for being a "Boro
Borovpi" (1988.) He was feted by 'Vavraddeancho Ixtt' (2003.) The Dalgado
Konknni Academi awarded him their "Fr.Freddy J. Da Costa Potrokar
Puroskar-2006" for his writings in the past 52 years.Among the many public
felicitations was one in 2007, for his writings on Gulab fromthe monthly's
inception in 1983. Of course, he was honoured by both the
State-levelinstitutions of the language, the Konkani Bhasha Mandal and the
Goa KonkaniAcademy for his lifelong contribution to the language.

Besides his articles in Konknni, Zito also wrote rather profusely in the
Englishlanguage. This work was published in Goa's 'Herald', 'The Navhind
Times', 'Gomantak Times' and 'Fr. Agnel's Call.'The great thud that shocked
the Konknni world ironically came from a small fall athome. Zito was
bleeding a bit from the head. When brought to a Margao hospital, hisvital
parameters necessitated admission to the ICU. Suddenly, several unrelated
problems surfaced and, in less than a week and before anyone could realise
it, thenotable son of Konknni had passed into the pages of history.

Zito-bab breathed his last on April 4, 2008, at age 70. He leaves behind his
wife, MariaEmy Menezes of Cuncolim and children Rubina/Russel, Darlene
Orfelinda, Savio and Maria Lourdes (Lulush) and two grandchildren, Rusener
and Rubayne. All the saint she worshipped and propagated during his journey
here must have surely been there at the pearly gates, to welcome him to
eternal home.

The above article appeared in the March 2, 2008 edition of the Herald, Goa

Zito Almeida, a philosopher, spiritualist

Zito Almeida, a philosopher, spiritualist

- By Cynthia Pereira

With deep gratitude, respect and deep emotions, I salute my great maternal uncle,

Mr Zito Almeida and remember him fondly on his first death anniversary, April 4, 2009.

A self-made man, a philosopher, spiritualist, good samaritan, great writer, friend in deed, help to the needy, an ardent follower and active participant of faith, my vocabulary is not sufficient, to describe this great personality.

I was fortunate to be under his wings, during my childhood and my growing years, where I watched him closely and develop great love and respect for him.

A loving mentor, a great benefactor, a vivid listener; always happy and peaceful this is how I remember my uncle Zito.

Journalism was in his blood; and he developed the love for writing at a very early age. In those days, there was no televisions, or even TV sets, and Zito would listen to the news on his small transistor to keep abreast with the news.

He was happy writing his articles be it early at dawn or late in the night; he would type his articles on the small typewriter and see it reaches the proper places at the proper times; but he sent his last articles for Gulab, through email.

The Almeida's is a priestly family, having priests for seven generations, I suppose the faith and the zeal for religion was in-culcated in him, by his parents and elders. He would attend daily mass at the St Jose Chapel, and wake us all up for mass.

Rosary was an integral part of the household, and the beads were his constant companion. How to make the chapel nice and lively a better place for the faithful - was his constant endeavor, although misunderstood at times, yet it did not deter him. In Jesus's words? No prophet gets recognition in his own home town. A friend to all priests, he always made time to listen and talk to them.

The Goa diocese was in his heart and he was the first to study the new introductions versus traditional faith and give his valuable suggestions. He was popularly known as the lay-bishop of Goa. In spite of his ill-health, he never missed any occasion of friends and family be it a funeral, a feast, a marriage or any other occasion.

If he could not make it, he would see to that some sort of greeting/letter reached them.

The poor and troubled who went to him, never went empty-handed. He was kind and generous and a man of understanding. The people (drivers, newspaper, milk, bread-men) who help us, and whom we take for granted and conveniently forget, he took great care that they never lacked anything in his domain.

I pray that the Amighty blesses Zito's soul and embraces him into the heavenly abode.

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