Friday, April 3, 2009

Zito Almeida, a philosopher, spiritualist

Zito Almeida, a philosopher, spiritualist

- By Cynthia Pereira

With deep gratitude, respect and deep emotions, I salute my great maternal uncle,

Mr Zito Almeida and remember him fondly on his first death anniversary, April 4, 2009.

A self-made man, a philosopher, spiritualist, good samaritan, great writer, friend in deed, help to the needy, an ardent follower and active participant of faith, my vocabulary is not sufficient, to describe this great personality.

I was fortunate to be under his wings, during my childhood and my growing years, where I watched him closely and develop great love and respect for him.

A loving mentor, a great benefactor, a vivid listener; always happy and peaceful this is how I remember my uncle Zito.

Journalism was in his blood; and he developed the love for writing at a very early age. In those days, there was no televisions, or even TV sets, and Zito would listen to the news on his small transistor to keep abreast with the news.

He was happy writing his articles be it early at dawn or late in the night; he would type his articles on the small typewriter and see it reaches the proper places at the proper times; but he sent his last articles for Gulab, through email.

The Almeida's is a priestly family, having priests for seven generations, I suppose the faith and the zeal for religion was in-culcated in him, by his parents and elders. He would attend daily mass at the St Jose Chapel, and wake us all up for mass.

Rosary was an integral part of the household, and the beads were his constant companion. How to make the chapel nice and lively a better place for the faithful - was his constant endeavor, although misunderstood at times, yet it did not deter him. In Jesus's words? No prophet gets recognition in his own home town. A friend to all priests, he always made time to listen and talk to them.

The Goa diocese was in his heart and he was the first to study the new introductions versus traditional faith and give his valuable suggestions. He was popularly known as the lay-bishop of Goa. In spite of his ill-health, he never missed any occasion of friends and family be it a funeral, a feast, a marriage or any other occasion.

If he could not make it, he would see to that some sort of greeting/letter reached them.

The poor and troubled who went to him, never went empty-handed. He was kind and generous and a man of understanding. The people (drivers, newspaper, milk, bread-men) who help us, and whom we take for granted and conveniently forget, he took great care that they never lacked anything in his domain.

I pray that the Amighty blesses Zito's soul and embraces him into the heavenly abode.

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